The Sunday Currently: Vol. 04



Happy 2nd week of the New Year 2018! How is our new year’s resolution going? 🙂 (As for me I am not making nor committing to any, but I was writing down some goals that I think are possible to achieve in 365 days by God’s grace.)

Anyway, I happened to read some blogs and realized i neglected my own for so long, so i guess this has to be a comeback post.

The Sunday Currently:

Reading The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom. For book nerds who procrastinates a lot, thank you for understanding.

Writing  nothing important.

Listening to crickets.

Thinking about tomorrow. Oh God.

Smelling Liniment oil.

Wishing everyone’s good health and safety.

Hoping to learn the art of letting go. charot. (and letting God.) and improve my video-editing skills lol

Wearing Pajamas.

Loving My pajamas and pillows and comforter.

Wanting to have a sense of direction, focus, and get things done.

Needing mentors, definitely.

Feeling sleepy yet happy.

Clicking the Keypad as i am about to publish this post.

Okay, if you are reading this I thank you for your time and I apologize if this is bothering your news-feed. Nonetheless, I pray for this new year to be the best year yet to each of us, that we may prosper and grow in wisdom and faith. The goal-listing instead of resolutions? you should try it. Work for it and pray about it, everyday. And remember: choose goodness, and the good will go back to you. 🙂