Wedding Bells: MoiRie

One week ago, on Friday, my good friend Marie walked down the aisle…

The call time for the bride’s maids was early, 4:30 AM. Being not a morning person i was still at home around 6, already cramming while some of the coordinators were already contacting me. At 7 i arrived at the venue where make-up, photo shoots, and other preparations took place. The handlers were accommodating, calm, and polite and i saw most of the girls already prepped on. Breakfast was served at 8, pictorials with the bride at 9, and a solemn and beautiful wedding happened at 10 AM in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

I met Marie in nursing school, being the best/childhood friend of my high school friend Leah who also took up nursing. Few years ago Marie’s family migrated to Canada, continued her nursing degree there, then she and her husband Mois decided to have a family of their own and wed in civil. Recently the whole family came back to the Philippines and together with dear friends, we all gathered to witness Marie and Mois exchanged their wedding vows finally in church. Reception followed at Dagohoy Grand Hall, Bohol Tropics Resort.

Here are some snaps before and after the ceremony 🙂



Someday, girl. Someday 🙂


the squad ain’t complete. missing Dorothy and Jo who are both in Saudi Arabia, and Leah in the US.


candid with the couple and friends.


beautiful set-up


when you’re so blind already and you can’t afford to took off your glasses anymore for a decent, model-ly pic with a beautiful friend.


During the reception

When Marie contacted me last year to be one of her bride’s maids, there was no hesitations. I was looking forward to the event as much as every one in the circle. I think this was actually the first wedding i attended and participated for a friend (because the previous ones involve relatives), and it was indeed a perfect time for a reunion, where group chats turned into reality. 🙂


After the event around 4PM, we three decided to pass time by having chika with ice-cream and water on the side. A lot of catching up to do for we have not meet each other in person for 4 years!

*photos taken from dee’s phonecam