Adulting, anyone?


Haven’t updated this blog for so long, that i suddenly feel the urge to write something but could not think of any sensible topic to post about. ( Can you possibly help me on this? Comment down some ideas that you want me/us to talk about on the next blog post 🙂 )

Meanwhile, i have come to realize how tough adulting can be sometimes. What with all the errands and everything that comes in between. So far, here are 10 things i learn to value (and realized its utmost importance) while adulting:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Selective Retention.
  3. Savings/Insurance.
  4. Fitness.
  5. Few Trusted Friends.
  6. A Minimalist Lifestyle.
  7. The Art of Staying Calm.
  8. “Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.”
  9. Sincere Prayers.
  10. Ice-cream. (Forever.)


…was actually thinking of converting this into a travel blog. But video-blogs these days are getting much higher audience, and i am not that good of a video-editor, so…

This would be all for now, because speaking of sleep. Wishing you a good night/day! 🙂


PS. Adulting is tough. Just go through it and live at the moment.



No Filter. Lintuan Beach. Circa 2014.