25 before 25

As of writing, today is the 19th of January-  the fourth day of nonstop rain and insanely cold weather. It would be a month to when i schedule to auto-publish this post. Currently, i am on a break and is incessantly praying. I probably forget it by now that this is already on my timeline. But anyway… recently, i had this idea of listing down 25 life-lessons i learned and remind myself of as i hit 25. Some of these may not be true on your part and some may appear to be a cliche yet here it goes:

  1. Ice cream solves a bad day.
  2. Health is wealth. Make ‘healthy’ a lifestyle.
  3. Airports are bittersweet.
  4. It is important to secure as much savings account as possible. You’ll never know when an emergency is coming.
  5. Invest more on travel and learning, rather than on material goods. The former will open your mind to truths and realities, while the latter will never satisfy.
  6. When feeling down and confused, jog it off or take a shower. And stay away from social media- you won’t find inner peace in that place.
  7. Believe in blocking, unfriending, and walking out. You owe yourself a certain level of comfort.
  8. There is always two sides of the story; listen to both before drawing conclusions.
  9. People always criticize. That’s okay. Take the constructive criticism and focus on what is proper and good.
  10. Nothing is as beautiful as pure and sincere intentions.
  11. Every consequence holds a lesson.
  12. Beginnings are the hardest, but just go through it.
  13. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
  14. The bible has it all. Surprisingly, life’s truths and even your principles have biblical roots. Check it out.
  15. Anger, worry, and self-pity are waste of time. Let go. Don’t nurture it.
  16. Refrain from trying to understand everything. Trust the process.
  17. Elders shape a child’s personality. Be careful how you treat children.
  18. Your image makes a great impact to society. Stay grounded; words spread like wildfire and are difficult to die down.
  19. Life is short to have misunderstandings with anyone. Patch things up.
  20. Past is past. Be present-centered. Only you can improve your Present.
  21. Express gratitude, say the magic words, share some of your time, and give flowers to an alive loved one; gravestones don’t have senses nor feelings.
  22. Maintain good relations with people who helped you in their own little ways even once in your life.
  23. Be humble. You didn’t get there by yourself, and there’s still so much you don’t know.
  24. The universe is vast. There is more than enough room for every thing to happen.
  25. Your mindset is your destiny. Think good, happy thoughts.


But we all know, that as long as we witness a brand new day, the learning never stops 🙂


*photo grabbed from tumblr


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