The Year that Was

This is going to be a quick first post for 2017, I just want to greet everyone a Happy New Year! (been MIA lately)

How was your past year? I hope yours was a wonderful one. Yes it might not be perfect nor the best yet, but God’s grace is sufficient that we are all able to witness and celebrate a new refreshing year.

Looking back, my 2016 was one friendly and calm year in general. It highlighted adventure and reconnecting, building friendships- to which i am grateful. Some parts were confusing but the most memorable would probably be the travels I took and the stories behind it and the people i was travelling with.

Last year, the travels were unforgettable because it was my first time travelling without my family nor my parents, which means: no connections, no private drivers, no tour guides and random itineraries, no hassle-free accommodations. So go figure it out. My travel stories would include countless phone calls from my parents and me constantly updating them, a guided, guarded, well-budgeted itinerary, and lots of prayers (Siquijor and parts of Negros Or., Ilocos Sur and Benguet). One day I hope to share with you some travel vlogs entries, if video-editing won’t be that much of a hassle; guess i’ll figure that out 😀

So that’s it for now. I wish all of you a happy, productive, and amazing 2017. Know that there will always be unavoidable toxic situations for everyone to experience, you are not alone on that. But always remember to focus on what is good, and to be part of the solution. You are blessed beyond measure so go sparkle! 🙂



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