I am thinking about deactivating my Facebook accounts. For good.

Recently, or this year rather, things are a little bit bizarre and surprising in a pleasant way. It is good -the learning, experiences and all, but tend to be overwhelming. If there is one thing that i am truly grateful for, it is friendship.

I always thought of friendship as a strong foundation to any relationship. Like you cannot unlock a certain level if you have not been starting off as friends or acquaintance at least.

When i started fb in 2011, i was adding friends with anyone i encountered in social media. It was fun and exciting, but soon enough when i got hold of maturity i realized the ‘friends’ i had were mostly strangers. Suddenly i thought of hacking incidents and other internet-related misfortunes. So i started to become cautious of privacy and began a cleaning process. Yearly i clean my account: unfriending those i don’t personally know or those spreading bad vibes in the news-feed, deleting nonsense selfish posts, and setting to private some pictures and videos that i don’t really want to share with just anyone else. And because there’s a risk for misunderstanding and miscommunication,  i became careful of my posts, mostly limiting its exposure 24 hours up to three days only.

The twist came up recently when people from the past discovered that i still exist. (well i just think of it that way). Some i reconnect with instantly, some needed time to warm up. I felt that funny feeling again, and news-feed began to appear too much too soon.

This year is the most friendly year i encountered, yet. Because of the nature of the work my employer required of me, I get acquainted with different kinds of people in the community. Seminar, training, and special occasions paved  a way of meeting long lost and new-found friends. And sometimes in the middle of a random day, surreal friendships happened.

I find it weird, actually. How you are living a different life before and how it changes after establishing a personal connection with a certain person. How after a few long years of not seeing each other, meeting your true friends you realized not much has really changed- you’re still your old selves. And how on earth you meet someone at a certain point in your life and not on a previous one…

And i find it strange too, that facebook is just a page, but a crowded one- with all the fuss and opinions and egos juggling in one place. Before this post, it has been a week since i deactivated it and hopefully for good.  But will keep my Instagram account open for sharing happy moments captured in photographs, Messenger because i can’t leave some very important group chats, and this blog for story-telling.

I am grateful for friendships. For new learning. For new experiences. For wonderful, amazing life achievements. And for these things, i learned: that social media’s approval is not necessary, that i don’t owe anybody an explanation, and that some things or instances are less complicated, are genuine, and more meaningful when kept private and personal.



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