At Dawnbreak


it’s past midnight and i cannot put myself to sleep

i am lost in thoughts, and i find it amazingly deep

“what thoughts?” you may ask; well i cannot exactly say

past and future probably, and happenings of everyday

it’s past midnight and i can hear the crickets singing

the rhythm and melody so harmonious to my hearing

i could not still sleep; i am distracted, so i just give a sigh

in my bed i am wide awake, i toss and turn and lie

it’s past midnight and thoughts of you bother me

our time spent together, in my head i clearly see

the memories we had, and the random things we do

i cherish everything, i just want you to know

it’s past midnight and my senses are still high

so i pray to God and i look up to the sky

calmly and sincerely i talk to Him as I rise

in my bed i praise Him even more, as i open my eyes

it’s past midnight and what a wonderful feeling it is

to witness God’s light in the midst of the darkness

i paint a smile, while the stars above are shining

as i count my blessings, i can feel everything is glowing.



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