The Sunday Currently: Vol. 03



Happy Easter 🙂 How are you celebrating? I am home-buddy today, the weather is insanely hot- 31 degrees, i’m not sure  going out in the sun would be great. But nonetheless, i hope you are spending quality time with friends and loved ones or even with yourself, wherever you are right now. Have Fun!

Meanwhile, here’s my 3rd version of The Sunday Currently:

Reading Room by Emma Donoghue. It was actually franchised into a major motion picture starred by Brie Larson  whose breakthrough performance yielded her an Oscar for Best Actress, recently. It is a thriller-drama inspired by true events, and i have been eyeing its release on the big screen. I bought the book November of last year, but being a reader who procrastinates a lot,i can’t take a Fiction hard-copy in one sitting. haha. I find ebooks easier to handle, but of course i prefer holding a real book. I am half way through my readings now.

Writing None. Never bringing paperwork at home again.

Listening to You were meant for Me by Jewel. on the loop. Favorite line: “I got my eggs, I got my pancakes too, I got my maple syrup, everything but you.” Because Food.

Thinking about tomorrow and the next few days. and anything surreal. Oh god.

Smelling Coffee. Just the aroma…certainly can fix anything.

Wishing for better days.

Hoping for God to reveal his reasons on things i don’t understand. But being reminded that it’s God’s right to conceal things, i am leaving it in His hands. So now i am just praying for things/events to finally fall into place.

Wearing Pajamas.

Loving My pajamas.

Wanting to learn how to Paint! Seriously. Last year i learned ukelele, and this year i want to hone a new skill. I find Painting fascinating. My dad told me to attend their summer class on Painting. I want to, but then my classmates would be kids from kindergarten hahaha. Where can i buy a blank canvas? and books on Color and Painting principles perhaps…

Needing a one week vacation with close-friends. Away from the troubled world, and the suffocating technology. Just us and our experiences and one relaxing place to enjoy each other’s company. I miss talking to them in person… face to face.

Feeling Sleepy. slept at 3Am, woke up at 9Am, slept again, woke up at 12:30 noon. and still feeling sleeeepy.

Clicking the Keypad as i am about to publish this post.

That’s all. That’s my day in a life for this Easter Sunday… spending it in my parents’ home with all the homemade food, chilling music, the summer breeze, bright sun, blue skies… couldn’t get any better than this 🙂

I genuinely hope you are having a good day as well. For this insane weather i recommend you wear protective covers- umbrella, cap, shawl, sunglasses, sunblock, loose clothing, and please do increase fluid intake. Water water water water water.


Say Hi to my Easter bunny! Butter:)







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