The Sunday Currently: Vol. 02


The weather’s not so good. And i am not feeling well. Oh well… Here’s my second version of The Sunday Currently:

Reading Si by Bob Ong. This is the second book i have that has plain tagalog writings, after Alamat ng Gubat. Si is kind of unique… i am actually reading it backwards. I suggest you grab a copy for you to find out.

Writing None. I’m taking home paperworks for the first time, but i’m feeling under the weather today. Headache, Lbm, and slight fever. I detest being sick.

Listening to There She Goes and Kiss Me by Sixpence NonetheRicher. I hope to try these on ukelele. The chords are alright; i suck in strumming tho.

Thinking about my Health status. I’m a little paranoid and hypochondriac right now. I know this is something negative, but i can’t die right; i haven’t found my life partner yet 😦 hahaha.

Smelling Menthol, liniment oil. It’s all over my body. Ew.

Wishing for a good body condition. I can’t comprehend but every time i get into a workout routine for like 1 week, at the end of the week i get sick…

Hoping for a good body condition. And patience. In everything that’s out of my control. And courage to be able to deal with my life’s stressors in a good way. Those stressors just suck the happiness out of me, uugh i think they’re the reason why i’m sick right now. But seriously, i hope this sickness isn’t something serious..

Wearing Pajamas.

Loving My pajamas. And my pillows. And my blanket. And my bed.

Wanting Aruzcaldo. So bad.

Needing a Full body massage. But this will gonna hurt right now, my body aches even with a single touch.

Feeling Sick and cold and this body malaise and this gloomy weather’s not helping.

Clicking the Keypad as i am about to publish this post.

So that’s all for this Sunday. I’m looking forward to posting something better next time. Please keep me in your prayers, as i am keeping you in mine. God is Good all the Time 🙂


*The Sunday Currently post is originally posted by Siddathornton. Link to her thoughts posted in vol.01


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