Current Train of Thoughts

I decided to blog it out because i can’t contain it anymore 🙂

My second post was supposed to be from my Ask account. When i was having brunch yesterday morning, i was going through several random questions and took screenshots for those that appear to be interesting so i could blog and discuss about it later on. I was working on a draft when EB started. And just like the earlier days of AlDub’s existence, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Things You Might Want to Know about Me, Pre AlDub:

  1. I am not a ‘TV’ person. I am not updated on everything that involves television namely Variety shows, Teleseryes, not even the News.
  2. Artistas don’t appeal to me. I hear them come and go in my hometown to relax and enjoy, or to do a mall show but i never bother to see them; i happened to meet some of them accidentally but i don’t care much, no picture-takings no meet and greet.
  3. My justification for number 2: Artistas are just people, like Me: they have body organs that function just like mine; they get tired and hungry just like me. The only difference is that their job required them to be in the television. So the public obviously recognizes them.
  4. I usually sleep at 10 PM.
  5. I love Fridays and I despise Mondays.
  6. Saturdays are my ‘lakwacha’ days. I went out on Saturdays to go to church, to have some time with my self, to meet up a friend, to go hunt for a new book… anything that i came up with, i do it on a Saturday.
  7. I am not that active in social media. I have my accounts namely Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but i seldom use it. My twitter has been dead for 2 years, i seldom flood posts in Facebook, and my Instagram has limited posts and a few followers.
  8. My mom hasn’t really seen me getting ‘kilig’ because i’m not that open to her about boys and love life, a lesson i realized when i was in gradeschool; so she has no idea how crazy i could possibly be when i am in that moment.
  9. The one and only love team i supported was the ShinIan: Rachelle Ann Go and Christian Bautista, i think back in 2006. The Bea-John Lloyd, KathNiel, Jadine, CharDawn etc. never affected me.
  10. Between Kapuso and Kapamilya, I choose Kapamilya.

The AlDub Fever

In my workplace, we actually have a television. And for some reasons i’m not sure about, the channel is set in the Kapuso network. So for five days in a week during lunch til noon, we are entertained by GMA shows, particularly Eat Bulaga. I don’t really pay attention to the segments of EB. Whenever there’s a break, i am lost in my own world reading an E-book with my ear phones on. One time last July of this year, my attention was caught by a young, unfamiliar face who confidently shows wacky faces in the camera doing some lip syncing. Being familiar on the Dubsmash App, i ignored her thinking she must be one of those internet sensations recently discovered. Also, i am not so much into Dubsmash. Weeks after, i noticed in my Fb timeline some of EB’s videos going viral. There i saw a compilation of episodes involving a new team-up called AlDub. And the rest is History. Consider Stalking 🙂

Why so Affected?!

With so much stalking and research on the background of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, what i find common to the both of them is their Humility. Given that Maine comes from a well-off family, and Alden as a young and in-demand actor, their simplicity and down to earth personality are appealing and praise-worthy. Their chemistry on screen is undeniable, and the way they interact naturally adds to the spark. i can say that the AlDub is unique in a sense that their tandem is not a product of Showbiz Vanity: The management didn’t endorse it nor they were forced to be paired; it is not a product of an advertisement, or an experiment team-up. It is purely innocent and fresh, and is not being taped unlike the teleseryes. The kalyeserye is as raw as it can be, very spontaneous and on the spot. Maybe those are some of the reasons why it captivates the hearts of many. As a viewer, i can see the reactions are something Natural, not ‘pilit’. And anybody can relate to the storyline and it’s life-lessons. It is definitely not your typical tandem.

So why am i so affea

What Happened to Me, Post AlDub (in case you want to know) :

  1. I look forward to viewing everything AlDub on television. After work i turn the tv on and volume it up so i would know whenever 24 Oras starts to air because AlDub is always featured on the Chika Minute. So the good side of this is that i also get to hear the news and public affairs. I also watch Sunday Pinasaya, and earlier i watched Magpakailanman, the Alden Richards’ Story 🙂
  2. If ever Lola Nidora’s challenge would involve the kalamay from Bohol and requires Alden and Maine to personally get it, i would definitely grab every opportunity to go to their location and take a selfie with them and have a small chitchat. 🙂
  3. My justification: pure admiration and pride. 🙂
  4. Time check as i was typing this sentence, it’s 12:08 in the morning. It was an hour ago when i started this post. Plus, i was actually waiting for that EB video on the replay of the #ALDUBTheAbduction episode! Got me really insane.
  5. I feel bored on Sundays. haha.
  6. I am absolutely staying home on Saturdays! Forget that lakwacha, i know it’s all self-centeredness.
  7. My social media accounts are all alive na alive! Only in Facebook, I don’t feel so much of the AlDub Fever, maybe because i unfollowed most of my friends so the posts in my timeline are more on Pages. In fb i feel like there’s only the three of us: my good friends Gibson, and Leah who is based in th US (she actually views the live streaming of the Kalyeserye! that’s past midnight, her time! Team Walang Tulugan). Sometimes i feel like my Twitter’s about to explode…
  8. My mom is going crazy over AlDub, and so am I. #RealTalk.
  9. I will forever admire AlDub.
  10. Wherever AlDub is, there I’ll be. Proud to be Kapuso 🙂


Trivia: 5 years ago, they met at a Candy Fair. The day when this episode happened, was actually the day of the Candy fair2015. They met again:)

Trivia: 5 years ago, they met at a Candy Fair. The day when this episode happened, was actually the day of the Candy fair2015. They met again:)

PS. I am one of those fans who is wishing for a True to Life AlDub MaiDenHeaven. And even though they now have that McDonald’s Commercial, I want McDo to know that even before AlDub existed i already love their products! But still have to try that Chicken Fillet A la King tho!


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