The Sunday Currently: Vol. 01


the perfect combo!

This is my very first The Sunday Currently post. I’ve been seeing this circulating around Tumblr,  and some of the bloggers i admire were posting it too for quite awhile now. And since I just returned from a 2 year blogger-break, why not join this juggernaut for a comeback?

So here’s my version of The Sunday Currently:

Reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Been reading this for 1 month already, and still not yet done. The perks of a procrastinating slow reader.

Writing Priorities. I got 1 day and half left, before next month’s busy days. Will be anticipating the bustle of fiesta celebration, a lot of field work and reports to comply, household financial responsibilities, and a quest for personal growth and career back-up plan.

Listening to Could’ve Been by Tiffany via W-rock radio station. When I was in college, i used to have a taste for Tifanny songs and even sang a few in videoke; the songs include If Love is Blind and All This Time. Haha.

Thinking about several things; the reason behind my Prioritizing. But for years I’ve been training myself to stay calm and compose as much as possible. So no worries.

Smelling Brewed Coffeeeee. aaaah that aroma. I’m actually sharing this coffee addiction with mi Papa.

Wishing for beautiful, productive days ahead!

Hoping for a get-together with close friends. So much catching up to do, i can’t wait.

Wearing Cotton shirt and shorts. I usually wear pajamas when at home but i just came from a birthday lunch, hence the attire.

Loving My life. hehe. And the fact that i get to spend weekends with the people i love.

Wanting Opportunities to learn new things; I honestly dislike anything (or anyone) redundant.

Needing Courage, determination, perseverance, and maturity.

Feeling Grateful and satisfied; but not contented yet.

Clicking My phone, someone’s calling! I hate calls.


For the meantime, these perfect combination of brewed coffee and dunkin donuts are keeping me company along with the cool Sunday afternoon breeze. Thanks to my dad for brewing coffee beans and bringing home some DD for me! So thoughtful. ❤

*The Sunday Currently post is originally posted by Siddathornton. Check her thoughts here


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